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12Stones Global, professional mission is to nourish each other with harmless technology solutions.

Currently we are in development and design of farm and housing solutions across the following zoning areas:

  • Rural Existing Farm Acquisition

  • Family Farm Destination Design & Consultation Management

  • Urban Farm Location Acquisition Design and Management

  • Indoor / Outdoor Commercial
    Community Farming Solutions

  • Educational Mobile Application / Robot Farming integration


12StonesGlobal is a resort development firm nourishing our clients in healthy living, athletic training, and educational eco-travel destination design and management.


We specialize in strategic relationships that enhance the positive JustDoBe: "One Team...One Dream" 
world-wide brand.

Our Founders are innovators in Resort Operations, Professional Athletic Training, Wholistic Nutrition, and FDM Sales Channels.  


We have digital media & motion picture production facilities at all of our locations, allowing access for 25% tax rebates for producing athlete documentaries, films, and marketing material at our well equipt custom destinations.



Income-Producing: Properties that generate stabilized cash flow and can be acquired at favorable capitalization rates. Other properties that are underperforming in terms of market rents, occupancy, or ineffective operations, but through active management will increase net operating income and thereby the value of the property.


We are innovating Organic Golf Resort Development, The World Homeschool Network, and are in development of various patent pending sports training technologies accross multiple sports.


Our goals are to continue innovation in resort operations and development by achieving the following tasks:


1.  Complete Maui Golf Resort and production facility.

2.  Continue Strategic Relationships with high tech facilities around world and build out Marketing Vehicles for the resort brand.


3. Solidify our marketing partners and network of PGA educatiors.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our exciting development opportunities and potential investment opportunities.


ROBOTIC farming

Farm.bot model shown.


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Harmless Technology Solutions in Agriculture, Software, and Education

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