Mission Statement

12Stones Global Limited Credit Union.
We provide innovative solutions in finance, regeneration, education, and technology. 

Our solutions are  custom for each participant in our projects. 
Nutrition , Shelter, and Harmless Technology & Farm Development.

Public Private Solutions

We use our network of Global Executives to connect harmless technology educational solutions to curricula based on each students needs in a community.

Personalized interests are delivered via our online and onsite franchised camps located around the planet.  Public and private partnerships are maximized by our approach.

The Future Sounds Good


Using Real Estate backed approaches to maximizing our equity position.  Our 501(c)(3) develops Robotic Farm solutions to serve our community regardless of the zoning constraints

Our Game Solutions create location based solutions to serve the immediate needs of education and community.

Urban Indoor Farming and Entertainment 

Commercial Mall Indoor Farming and Arcade
Rural Farm Ownership Grants participation

James   Langford

Founder’s Notes 


Iʻve been blessed to be an Global Creative and R&D Prototype Provider for decades.  The intersection of Education, Operations Engineering, Software, Game Theory, Architecture, and Farming.

Global Client list available on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimlangford/

Personal Diversification Links:
https://unitedmasters.com/jimmy-langford (Music Career)
https://www.mudbots.com (3d Printer for International Global Sales)


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12Stones Global, professional mission is to nourish, with harmless robotic technology solutions.

12 Stones Farms (Shown) >
Nutrition Based Regenerative Food Simulation. (Join site for working demo.)

3d Printed Homes partners: 
International Dealer

Robotic Food Supply open source:

  • Affordable Housing Design-Build and Credit Union (Global Service)

  • Educational Mobile Application / Robot Farming integration

  • Rural Existing Farm Acquisition

  • Community Farm Destination Design & Consultation 

  • Urban Farm Location Acquisition Design and Management

  • Indoor / Outdoor Commercial
    Community Farming Solutions

  • Food Security